PARAMOUNT FITNESS - Group Fitness Classes

All class equipment is provided  

Step N ToneNot your average class!!  Considered Personal Training but in a group setting, this cardio strength class will condition your whole body.  With aerobic exercises for your lungs and heart and resistance training for your muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones, you will start to notice the difference within weeks.

Stretch - is a low intensity class which improves your flexibility and your range of motion of all your joints throughout your whole body, emphasizes your spinal and pelvic alignment, as well as controls your breathing to relieve stress and adequate oxygen flow to muscles.  

Boot Camp NO PAIN - NO GAIN!! From planks, to Squats to push-ups, this 50 minute high-intensity circuit training based class has 10 stations, where you perform approximately 25 reps at each station and repeat 3 times.  

Cardio-Kickboxing - provides elements of boxing, martial arts and aerobics to provide an overall conditioning of the body.  It is a non contact high intensity cardio class that consists of kicks and punches which includes shadow boxing, combinations on heavy bags and drills.

Zumba® Basic - has taken the fitness world by storm with this Latin based aerobic-cardio workout burning up to 1000 calories per class.  Using both fast and slow dance rhythms and combining them with resistance training, our certified fitness instructors guarantee to get your heart pumping.  There is never a dry person that leaves this class and the results                                                                           are real!!

Mat Pilates - is a low intensity class which improves your balance, coordination and core conditioning and strength emphasizing your spinal and pelvic alignment and posture, as well as controlling your breathing, relieve stress and provide adequate oxygen flow to the muscles.

Yoga Basic- focuses on the physical, mental and spiritual disciplines of your well-being.  By improving your breathing techniques and doing lite exercise, this class helps free your mind of the daily stresses of life and also improves your balance, coordination and flexibility.